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Is Italian hard for English speakers?

Italian is classified as one of the easiest languages to learn for English speakers.

In general English speakers need from two to four years to become fluent in this language and use it without any problems.

In this video you will deeply understand the reasons why Italian is considered to be an easy language to learn:

> Vocabulary: Italian is a Romance language and English is a west Germanic language but the modern English acquired a lot of Latin and old French words, so sometimes it's not so hard to understand the meaning of some of them.

Take a look at this video about the vocabulary!

> Grammar: when we talk about grammar we must consider two points of view: syntax and morphology. The first one describes the word order, the second one describes how they are formed and their relationship to other words. English and Italian are both Indo-European languages and they share most of the rules related to the syntax.

The morphology is the declination and flexion of the language. This is maybe the hardest point for learning Italian.

> Pronunciation and orthography: although there are definitely some sounds a little bit hard to pronounce, like the R sound, it's  quite simple to pronounce Italian words and to read them correctly.

Do you study Italian? What is the hardest thing to learn? Please let me know!

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