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Ciao! I'm Stefano, 

I will help you learn Italian Online! :)

First of all, I want to ask you:


Why do you want to learn Italian?

Please click on your answer!

I want to attend university in Italy 

I want to use Italian for business with Italy

I want to learn Italian because I am an opera singer

I want to learn Italian for personal culture

I want a guide for my son / daughter who attends the Italian school

I want to become an Italian language teacher

I want to become an interpreter / translator


I want to take a long-term residence permit (A2)


I want to get the Italian citizenship (B1)

Stefano Rastelli

My name is Stefano Rastelli, I'm Italian,  I work as a language teacher, language coach and interpreter in public and private sectors.

I'm graduated in Language Mediation. I studied Spanish, English, German and Mandarin Chinese.

For several years I have been studying how to learn new languages at the university and on my own.  

My greatest teachers, mentors and motivators were and are the most famous polyglots: Luca Lampariello, Steve Kaufman, Lýdia Machová, Benny Lewis etc. 

they taught me how to learn more easily and effectively. I'm very grateful for that.   

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Studi e Formazione

Laurea in Discipline della Mediazione Linguistica

Università degli Studi di Macerata - Macerata, MC, Italy

Lingue studiate: spagnolo, tedesco e cinese mandarino


Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg - Heidelberg

Traduzione e interpretariato in ambito giuridico, medico ed economico

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