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About me

Hi! My name is Stefano Rastelli, I'm Italian and I am a polyglot Italian teacher in Italy. Besides languages I always like to learn new things, for example to play musical instruments (I have been playing the piano for many years, now I am learning to play the recorder and the ukulele). Topics that interest me a lot are: personal and spiritual growth, philosophy of minimalism, oriental philosophy (especially Taoism and Buddhism), politics and other topical issues.

Teacher and Language Coach

I have a degree in Spanish, German and Mandarin Chinese and I also speak English at an advanced level and Portuguese at an intermediate level. I have collaborated with public and private schools as a teacher of Italian for foreigners and as a language mediator.


I have been teaching Italian to foreign students for about six years now. I am passionate about language learning and everything that revolves around the world of teaching, coaching and NLP. I learned 5 foreign languages, so I have a very clear understanding of the language acquisition mechanism. In recent years I have published 12 video courses on language learning on a famous marketplace with more than 15,000 students.

My lessons & teaching style

In group lessons I consider language certifications (from A1 to C2) In 1-to-1 lessons I use the Student-Centered Education and Coaching. Especially for those who speak a language that is very different from the ones I teach, I think it is necessary to put into practice some coaching techniques as the journey is sometimes very long. Each student has his/her own beliefs and mental patterns. My job is to understand them and find materials and methods that suit the student. I have studied and applied many methods, techniques and strategies. Students must have grit, determination, passion and perseverance to achieve an excellent result. With me as a Language Coach the result is guaranteed ;)


What my dear students say!

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